I worked in-house at Paramount Pictures as a visual development artist on the film project Amusement Park (slated for 2019) from December 2014-August 2016.

Early character moment painting for "June"

Early character moment painting with villain Peanut's "minions," which are tiny wind-up toys.

Early character moment painting of villain "Peanut"

Early moment painting for character "June" within the abandoned amusement park.

The director responded to the image above, and I began to develop it as an actual set for the film.  On the right is a rough 3D model I created in Maya, and on the left is the draw-over I did to provide a detailed orthographic to the 3D modeling team at Ilion, our vendor in Spain.

This was a piece from the set above.  It was meant to be a home for a raccoon forager character named "Fidget."  The thinking was that she gathered various items throughout the amusement park to build and personalize her home in a tree.

Further development of this same set.  Fidget's tree home was supposed to be growing over an abandoned train ride, all nestled within the larger cliffside, shown 2 images above.

There is a sequence in the film where large bear character "Boomer" is trapped in a roller coaster cart in the abandoned park.  I had to develop a few ideas that would make this sequence funny.

This was the final cart design chosen from the explorations above.

A quick painting to explore a location for a film sequence.

Callout of the creek from the above rough painting.

One of my grossest, but most-fun assignments of all time.  One of the characters pretends to throw up on a school bus, and I had to design the ingredients for some fake puke.

The main character, June, has a backpack that is a key prop in the film.  Here are early explorations.

Further explorations on June's backpack.  It was supposed to feel like a creative 12-year-old girl had personalized it.  F was the final chosen design.

June has a pet goldfish  named "Fred" who reappears in the amusement park as a ride.  Here are early character explorations for Fred.

Here is the ride-version of Fred, which appears on a carousel.